Mutants and Masterminds Day 4: Where

The multiverse is a big place, and I’m going to tell you all about it. Also, our heroes need somewhere to call their home. Welcome to the Singular Citadel.

Aaaaaaahhhhh! So that’s what it is!

For each point in space and time there are infinite variations where the timeline diverges slightly, the paths of causality turning left instead of right. In some dimensions the Roman Empire survived to the present day. In other realms insects became the dominant species on the planet. In one, Will Smith is President of the Earth, and on another the Martians invaded the Earth at the end of World War II. We see vague glimspes of these other worlds in our dreams and dismiss them as nothing more than errant brainwaves.

Each alternate universe is given a number. As there’s an infinite number of them the numbers run to a mindboggling number of decimal places (51149.72839483443…..), so they’re usually rounded the nearest whole (Universe-51149), and each planet in the universe is usually referred to by it’s name and universe number. For example, Mars-212 is the planet Mars from universe 212 (home to green xenophobic four-armed Martians), while Earth-616 is home to the Marvel superheroes. Being a guardian of the multiverse is a daunting task, but thankfully the vast majority of them deviate from normality in some very insignificant way (such as Clarissa Green of 43 Basingstoke Road stirring her tea clockwise rather than anti-clockwise on 13th March 1997). The heroes need not concern themselves with these.

Some alternate universes are known at Keystones. Events which occur in those can have ripple effects throughout neighbouring multiverses. Sometimes, the ripples spread further causing a chain reaction which can be felt through all of reality. Thankfully, these events are rare. Many alternate universes, all interlinked like a Weave of reality and causality.

Yet there are rare pocket dimensions that only exist once in the entire multiverse and the rules of causality do not apply. These realms are known as Singularities, and in one such dimension is the home base of our heroes. The Singular Citadel.

The vast space station floating in the void acts as living quarters, monitoring station and command centre. It houses the technology which teleports the heroes to specific points in dimensional reality to tackle threats to the multiverse, and bring ’em back home again.

Building a base is easy in Mutants & Masterminds. For each point that a character puts into the pot, you’ve got 5 to use building it. They’re spent giving it features, facilities or even superpowers of it’s own (want an Intangible Flying Base? You pay for it, you got it!). For example, if 5 heroes each put a point into their base, that’s 25 equipment points to spend putting it together. That’s the reason why I bumped up the starting points for the heroes from 150 to 160 – I want them to pay for the base and standard issue equipment, but not feel like they’re losing out because of it. Also, the more characters they generate, they less they each need to pay into the pot, so the more character points they get to spend on their abilities. Alternately, the more points they get to improve the base. Clever, eh?

I’ve intentionally left the base lacking a few items. It could do with a few personnel beyond the heroes themselves (cook, caretaker, mechanic, etc), and there’s no vehicles in the hangar. The heroes are free to expand and enhance the Citadel as they see fit, either adding more equipment points to it during character creation or during the game.

Singular Citadel, 25ep
Size: Colossal, Toughness +20
Concealed 2, Isolated
Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Defense System, Fire Prevention System, Gym, Hangar, Holding Cells, Infirmary, Laboratory, Living Space, Power System, Security System 1

Multiversal Teleporter: Device 5 (Teleport 20, Anywhere in the universe, Dimensional 3, Affects others only, Progression 2 (up to 5 individuals), Flaw:Long Range)

Till next time!

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