Playing it, yes. Blogging about it, no

I’ll keep this short and sweet. The previous blogpost is the last one I’m going to write explicitly about 4e D&D. Much as I love the game, I’ve had enough of Wizards’ Cease & Desist shenanigans, and just don’t want the hassle of thinking WoTC might, just might, send me one of their love letters just because I’ve made a picture of a Dragonborn (their IP), a Kruthik (IP) or written up a character that uses their names for Powers.

I don’t want no steenking Fan Site Policy neither, and consider the GSL a massive step backward. This is my blog. I adhere to my own terms & conditions on this tiny little slice of the internet I call home, not yours. Just make the game. Make it all good and market it well, and it shall sell. Legislation is the last resort of the greedy and/or desperate.

Sure, Scott Rouse has said happy clappy things (and I believe him) about how important fansites are to Wizards’ continued survival, but given their current employee churn rate who’s to say who is going to be filling his shoes six months down the line.

It’s just not worth the hassle.

So here’s my message to Wizards of the Coast: we play the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game, not the Intellectual Property game.

Pseudo-justify it however you want. I ain’t playing.

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