Orc discovers fire and quite likes it


Here’s an Orc Fire Mage from my 4e D&D campaign to yours, all primed and ready to roast a few PCs with his handy Staff of Fiery Might +1 (a useful Treasure Parcel for any aspiring Wizard) and Burning Hands spell. Add in a few lackeys and you’ve an instant Encounter to drop in and surprise your players who think Orcs are nothing but unthinking savages.

He’s far from perfect as far as monster builds go as I’m still getting the hang of 4e’s monster creation rules. Any advice, tips or tricks appreciated!

Orc Fire Mage
Chaotic evil Medium natural humanoid Elite Artillery Level 3, XP 300

Str 15 Con 14 Dex 15 Int 12 Wis 10 Cha 9
Init +5, Perception +1, low-light vision
HP 76 bloodied 38
AC 15 (Staff Mastery, Amulet of Protection +1), Fort 17 Ref 15 Will 15, Speed 6

Staff of Fiery Might +1, +6 vs AC, 1d8+3 (crit +1d8 fire), Reroll/d 1 dice fire damage
Flaming Magic Missile/w +3 vs Ref, 2d4+1, Range 20
Burning Hands/e +3 vs Ref, 2d6+1, Close Blast 5
Shield/e immediate interrupt, +4 AC & Ref until end of next turn
Warrior’s Surge/e, usable only while bloodied. The orc mage makes a melee basic attack and regains 11 hit points.
Killer’s Eye When making a ranged attack, the orc mage ignores cover and concealment (but not total concealment) if the target is within 5 squares of it.

Arcana +7, Intimidate +5. Languages: Common, Giant

Level 3 Encounter (XP 726)

  • 1 Orc Mage (level 3 elite artillery XP 300)
  • 4 Orc Drudges (level 4 minion XP 44)
  • 1 Orc Raider (level 3 skirmisher XP 150)
  • 1 Fire Beetle (level 1 brute XP 100)

4 Comments on “Orc discovers fire and quite likes it”

  1. Greywulf,

    You might want to have a serious look at Vue. I mean seriously. I’ve been looking at it, and it seems to be the better upgrade from DAZ Studio than Carrara.

    Other than that, I like your orc rendering. Although for good reason I won’t comment on its stats (The GSL is HELL), I think it’s spectacular. Did you buy him from DAZ? Or did you find a Michael 4 morph at Renderosity?

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