Character du Jour: Melis Elfrich

Meet Melis Elfrich, shieldmaiden of Corellon, the old-style Corellon that modern fey religion tries to plaster over with their Friendly Patron of the Arcane Arts. This was the guy that put out Gruumsh’s eye, after all. She guards one of the last remaining idols of Corellon from the Old Days (that is, farther back than any Dirtworlder would remember, and certainly straining for fey memory).

Her devotion to Corellon and his Feywildly artifacts seems to have no bounds, but she’s working on 500 years and her biological clock is ticking, and being a shieldmaiden doesn’t exactly get you action (being it requires a vow of celibacy and all that). It doesn’t help that her little corner of the Feywild is pretty much abandoned as far as the fey are concerned. It does seem to like phasing into the Dirtworld often and she keeps busy repelling kobolds, goblins, and the like. She prefers rather that some handsome humanoid would stop by and give her something to do other than hunt.

Words by benpop, stats & image by me.


Notes: Making this was pretty tough! As I said before, 4e D&D doesn’t do lightly armoured spear-wielders very well at all. I tried to build her as a Ranger, but too many of their powers are dependent on either using two weapons or fighting at range. In the end I settled for using a Fey Pact Warlock – her Pact is with a primitive aspect of Corellon oft-forgotten in these civilised times. Her weapon of choice is her Pact Spear +4. It’s not strictly “rules legal” (Pact weapons are usually only light blades), but fits her perfectly. Additionally, as long as she serves primal Corellon as his shieldmaiden, she can summon (or dismiss) her Pact Spear as a Free Action; it forms from the Feywild itself.

The end result is a character closely tied to her primal Patron who used her knowledge of Nature, positively obscene Speed (Speed 14 when running and using her Elven Boots as a Move Action!) and close connection to all things Fey to protect her corner of the Feywild from all comers. Unless they’re handsome, of course!

Melis Elfrich, Good Female Fey Pact Warlock/Feytouched-17
Str 11, Con 16, Dex 17, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 20
HP 118, bloodied 59, surges 29×9/day
Init +8, Speed 8, Low-light vision
AC 26 (Sylvan Leather +3), Fort 21, Ref 22, Will 24

Pact Spear +4, +14 vs AC, 1d8+4, versatile,
Warlock’s Curse/w, Eldritch Blast/w +17 vs Ref, Eyebite/w +17 vs Will

Elven Accuracy/e, Ethereal Stride/e, Fey Switch/e, Mire the Mind/e +17 vs Will, Will of the Feywild/e +17 vs Will, Bewitching Whispers/e +17 vs Will, Thirsting Tendrils/e +17 vs Fort, Clearing the Ground/e +14 vs AC

Warlock’s Leap/d, Twilight Teleport/d, Curse of the Black Frost/d +17 vs Reflex, Curse of the Golden Mist/d +17 vs Will

Acrobatics +12, Athletics +14, Bluff +18, History +15, Insight +12, Intimidate +18, Nature +17, Perception +21, Religion +15, Stealth +15
Alertness, Elven Precision, Fast Runner, Light Step, Skill Training (Nature, Perception), Agile Athlete, Evasion, Fleet Footed, Sly Hunter
Group Awareness, Wild Step, Misty Step, Prime Shot, Shadow Walk, Feytouched Action, Patron’s Favour

Sylvan Leather +3, Pact Spear +4, Elven Boots, Diadem of Acuity

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  1. Thank you much! I’m happy to see my write-up used, and I hope you found it amusing as I did. :D

    If you didn’t catch it, her name is an homage to Melissa Etheridge.

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