Character du Your: Over to you

This time, it’s your turn! Here’s an pic of a lovely elven maiden wielding a spear.


Tell me about her.

Give me her backstory, her reason for adventuring and something about her personality and outlook on life. If you can think of a name, all the better. This is character generation.

In return, I’ll pick one (or some, or all) and stat her up in whichever system is most appropriate. Interestingly (if you’re interested in these kinda things) this is the type of character that’s difficult to do well in 4e D&D. She doesn’t suit the existing Fighter archetype because she’s not likely to have a high STR and isn’t wearing heavy armour; likewise, she’s neither a Rogue (spear isn’t on their cruddy Weapon Proficiency list) nor a TWF Ranger or raging Barbarian. All of which means you have to get creative with your character class choice and burn a few Feats.

In other words, it’s exactly the kind of character I like!

So, tell me about her. I’m listening.

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  1. Seeing her in front of that statue makes her feel like an Eladrin guardian to me. She is a ranger tasked with guarding entrance to the feywild and the city of her birth. The spear is her weapon of choice (Feat: Eladrin Soldier, or whatchamacallit) and perhaps with a little DM fiat she could use a feat like staff fighting to treat the spear as a double-weapon.

    Just a few ideas on the fly; I’m not so sure about personality yet.

    The Last Rogues last blog post..Rogue’s Ramblings #1 (The Birth of the Warforged)

  2. She’s Melis Elfrich, shieldmaiden of Corellon, the old-style Corellon that modern fey religion tries to plaster over with their Friendly Patron of the Arcane Arts. This was the guy that put out Gruumsh’s eye, after all. She guards one of the last remaining idols of Corellon from the Old Days (that is, farther back than any Dirtworlder would remember, and certainly straining for fey memory).

    Her devotion to Corellon and his Feywildly artifacts seems to have no bounds, but she’s working on 500 years and her biological clock is ticking, and being a shieldmaiden doesn’t exactly get you action (being it requires a vow of celibacy and all that). It doesn’t help that her little corner of the Feywild is pretty much abandoned as far as the fey are concerned. It does seem to like phasing into the Dirtworld often and she keeps busy repelling kobolds, goblins, and the like. She prefers rather that some handsome humanoid would stop by and give her something to do other than hunt.

  3. And the winner is…… benpop! Full writeup and stats for Melis Elfrich will be up later this week. I’ll see if I can work the other ideas in too. Love Elton’s idea of her creating psychic weapons :D

    Thanks, all!

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