I has Veeples

Veeples are rapidly becoming my favourite plaything in DAZ Studio.  They’re essentially nothing much at all, just very simple plush-toy like figures with few moving parts (the head, arms and legs rotate, and that’s about it), cost all of $7.50 to buy and for that you get a simple male and female figure. Nothing much at all, really.

Except they’re pure render gold. For a start, their creator JHoagland has released loads of superhero textures for them, for free. By loads, I mean pretty much every A-list character from both Marvel and DC including the key X-Men, Superman, several costumes for Batman and Robin and most of the Justice League. Oh, and these guys.


Veeple Watchmen!

The set includes both Nite Owls, Dr Manhattan, both Silk Spectres, Ozymandias, Comedian and of course Rorschach. For free. Woot!

While Veeples work very well using a realistic render setting (which gives them a very plush-toy style), they really come into their own using DAZ Studio’s Cartoon render setting. For example, here’s a lovely plush Batman.


And here’s Wolverine, Cartoon-style.


What’s so great about them is their limitations. You’re left to convey the “story” of the image using only minimal movements and camera angles. That’s a darned fine challenge!


Insert Superman / Wonder Woman innuendo here

Want to see more? OK then!


Iron Man. Protector of the Earth……


….gets what he deserves!

Expect to see a lot of these around the Lair. Oh yeh!
I love me my Veeples!

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