Everything and nothing

I’ve a whole host of blogpost ideas floating around my cranium right now, and no real idea which one to tackle first. So, rather than pick one at random, here’s the list. Leave a comment saying which one should have first dibs, and the one with the funniest/cleverest/smartest/most heartfelt (or just plain mostest) comments will appear in the next day or so.

Over to you!

  • Why 4e D&D is designed for Literate Fantasy
  • Character du Your – I post an image, you provide the backstory, I stat it up
  • Complete that Sunless Citadel 4e conversion PDF I’ve been promising
  • Using Middle Earth as a setting for 4e D&D (no, really – it works!)
  • The next DAZ Studio tutorial (suggest a topic!)
  • Mutants & Masterminds, the musical
  • Why the character in character generation doesn’t mean what you think
  • Why Kruthiks rock my world

That’s a pretty D&D heavy list, but that’s because of a new campaign that’s about to begin. Goodbye, Arena-based adventures in Ptolus, hello Cardolan. But that’s another blogpost for another time. Want to know more? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Hi man!

    I Would love to see the Sunless Citadel conversion, and I think the Middle Earth for 4e sonds cool too!

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