Character Builder makes it's Save vs Slow

The Character Builder is slow no more! Turns out there’s a problem with the S3 Via Unichrome graphics card in my laptop and the hardware rendering used by .NET Framework applications. Thanks go out to Michael for confirming my suspicions and sending me on a google papertrail.

Dialing my graphics card settings down to this:


And the D&D Character Builder positively flies. Flies, I tell ya! Strange how turning off hardware 3D acceleration speeds things up so dramatically, but there you go.

The Builder is now a positive delight to use (Hey, I’m easily pleased. What can I say?) with double-clicking actually working – it didn’t when I was suffering from slowrefresheritis – so the inteface has gone from “unusable” to “rather nice really” all of a sudden. In fact, it’s better than that.

I can (at last) cheerfully confirm what everyone else is saying: The D&D Character Builder is Very Good Indeed.

Now you know!

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  1. Nope, thought I’ve heard it’s possible to get in running under both Linux and OSX using a virtual PC such as VirtualBox. You’ll still need a copy of Windows (XP or Vista) though – there’s no way to get this running native on any OS other than Windows.

    Sorry ’bout that.

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