Monsters with personality


Man, this image cracks me up, and I made it. It’s the expression on the Gnollwere[1. Gnollwere: A Gnoll who can shapechange into a human. Obviously.] at the back, one of those happy accidents that comes from morphing expressions in DAZ Studio. I’d love to know what he’s thinking.

The point though is this; in your games the players aren’t battling against 3 of Monster X, 2 of Monster Y and 8 Minion Zs – each foe is an individual with their own personalities.

Perhaps, like the lead Gnollwere, one of the monsters is more intelligent, thinking tactically and a born leader. Or, as with the one being held back, there’s a monster who’s spoiling for a fight. It’s not worth customizing the stats for each monster to reflect their personality and mood, but as GM, you can show a little of their differences with how you play them at the table. In a group of Minions there might be one who is bossy, another who’s a coward and the rest wide-eyed raw recruits. Injecting a little personality goes a long way.

None of this is particularly earth-shatteringly deep never heard before GM magic, but it’s worth repeating, especially if you’re used to playing a miniatures-heavy game like 4e D&D. It’s all too easy for the role-playing to get forgotten when combat starts. It doesn’t have to be that way.

All of which leaves us with just one question.

What is that third Gnollwere thinking?

Thoughts, please!

(As ever, click to enlarge the image to see the Gnollwere at the back all the more clearly.)

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