It's render dump Monday!

Here’s a handful of renders created over the last 10 days that haven’t merited a blogpost all of their very own. If there’s any in this little lot you like (or hate!) let me know in the comments, and if you want to use any for your own projects, go right ahead (but let me know in the comments, ok?).

Unless otherwise stated, these are all created in DAZ Studio, no postwork, click to…. aww heck, you know the rest.


The Captivated Swordmage


‘Winging it

Nightwinging it, that is. Well, I was asked for a Nightwing-style costume, and………. here’s a Wing-alike beating the crap out of the FREAK.


Smile! You’re lunch!


The Red Devil

Here’s a preview of the guy we’re going to use in the next DAZ Studio tutorial to create a complete comicbook page – The Red Devil!


Commander Data: The Early Years


You know it’s time to change campaign, when……………….

This image came out too dark for my liking, but the idea of a Barbarian, Wizard and Ranger stumbling across a stonkin’ sci-fi vehicle is a compelling one. Love the expression on the Barbarian’s face. I think he wants to drive!


Just some female Ranger



Here’s Expy the Dungeon Mastering draggy renderified, just because I liked the new look of Yax & co’s site so much.



My lovely Drow Thief-Acrobat with boundless energy, straight from the pages of Sin20: The Life and Death of Callen Oncedark, my webcomic over on the Microlite20 forums.


Finally, here’s three images that are the result of taking a render from DAZ Studio and fiddling with them in Picnik, the free online image editing suite.




Ok. I’m done. Till next time!

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