Run 4e? Want NPCs? Sure you do!

This is a quick shout out about something I’ve just stumbled over today. Paul Strack’s Book of NPCs (link to ENWorld thread, follow Download link), (UPDATED: new link!) does exactly what it says on the tin, providing full race and class NPC statblocks for every level from 1st to 30th – for 24 races and every build option of the 8 core classes in the PHB. That’s 30 x 24 x 17 = 12,240 statblocks all ready to use. Holy cow.

Want a 4th level Human Star Pact Warlock NPC? 1st level Goblin Trickster Rogue? 25th level Githzerai Infernal Pact Warlock? Or any one of another 12,237 NPCs? They’re right here. As these are built as NPCs using the DMG guidelines they’re optimised for use from behind the GM screen, but I’m sure they could also be used as temporary PCs in a pinch if one of the characters drops mid-session and you’ve nothing else prepared.

Paul’s implemented a few House Rules that are worth looking over. If you don’t like ’em (I do), then he also suggest ways to put things back as the DMG dictates. The zipfile expands to 38Mb-worth of HTML files with a single index.html file pulling the whole lot together.

In all, it’s an amazing resource and the fact that this is free is….. well, priceless, really.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 is out and includes all of the PHB2 races and classes too! Get it here, folks!

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