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Meet Sir Guyse, Epic Level Paladin, hero of countless wars, darling of the royal courts. And total badass villain. Yes, villain.

I’m working on him now, and getting a feel for 4e D&D Paladins. I’m liking their smiting sugary goodness and heroic self-sacrificing Powers such as Martyr’s Blessing. Not a fan of the hand-waving “you call upon your deity and teleport” crap though. Oh please, 4e, enough with the teleporting already! Teleporting Paladins? Uhhh……. no! Give me one instance of a Paladin (or Holy Knight, or Crusader, or whatever) ever teleporting in fantasy literature, ever, and I’ll eat my hat. If I had a hat, that is.

Thankfully, the teleporting silliness is minimal though, and easily removed. If only they’d put some decent Mounted Combat Powers in there instead. Oh well. Roll on the Divine Power supplement.

But I do like 4e Paladins. Just not some of their Powers.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Meet Sir Guyse, Epic Level Paladin, hero of countless wars, darling of the royal courts. And total badass villain. Yes, villain

    Some people just forget that LG doesn’t mean that they are nice people and that they will like you. The worst villain is one that you don’t or can’t kill because they’ve not done anything legally wrong.

    bonemasters last blog post..Maps may not be what you think they are.

  2. Also remember that 4e D&D doesn’t have alignment restrictions on Classes. Heck, compared to 3e it barely has alignments at all. And that, IMHO, is a Very Good Thing :D

  3. 3e had a few (very strong) teleporting Paladin spells too, if I recall correctly. And it’s always been silly.

    …Unless they’re Paramanders, a group of Wizard/Paladins I only ever saw referenced in the 2e Wizard’s Spell Compendium books.

  4. Scanning through the SRD Paladin spell lists I see no teleporting, but back then they had their Pokemount which was arguably an even sillier concept :D

    I don’t doubt there were teleportation Paladin spells in the supplements though. That tended to be where all of the Silly Things Lived.

  5. Yeah, the ones I’m thinking of were from Spell Compendium.

    Pokemount too… yes. Was just discussing that yesterday when helping work on our latest post. How to address paladin mounts in dungeons? Either have them be summoned back and forth, or get rid of the mount altogether. I definitely prefer the latter.

    Dave T. Games last blog post..Four Concepts Adrift in D&D

  6. @Dave Me, I like the option. The image of a Paladin on a Warhorse is a pretty compelling one. The 3e pokemount “solution” was bad though.

    In 4e, I’m hopeful he see some decent Powers that the Paladin can use while mounted in Divine Power. We’ll see. Sure beats Teleportation, which seems to be the lazy game designer’s solution to all problems in 4e.

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