Character du Jour: Kishka ur'Faldheen

Then she whirled, the twin blades seeming to turn from solid metal to flowing gossamer, like silvered silk scarves following the dance of her dark, lithe form. The Orcs blinked twice then fell, the neat cuts deep and crimson across their bellies. Kishka stood between the corpses, her scimitars lowered. The Drow turned and began to skip down the corridor, humming softly to herself.

Kishka is unusual for a drow, for two reasons. She is disinterested in politics or the movements of the Great Houses, prefering instead to follow her own path. Secondly – somehow, she remains alive.

Kishka’s passion is the dance. Even in her earliest memory she could hear the music, and it has remained with her always, soothing her when she felt fear and guiding her steps in battle. She couldn’t understand how other Drow could not hear the music which seemed to her to be as loud and clear as a voice echoed through the underground city she called home. Branded “kuu’ror” (harmless) by her own Drow House, she was ignored as little more than a simpleton and beneath contempt by the other players in the Great Game. She suspect few people even noticed her departure and she now wanders the world wherever the music takes her.

Dirty little secret: The music Kishka hears is the sound of the First Song wrought by those who would become the Elven Gods. Fewer than one elf in a million hear it’s song, and it was believed that Drow were too far removed from the Source to ever hear the music. It is said that when six who hear the song are united, the Primal Making will begin again……..

Notes: Making a two-weapon fighting, scimitar-wielding Drow who’s not Drizzt is a fun challenge. How’d I do?


Kishka ur’Faldheen
Chaotic Female Drow Ranger-6

Str 14, Con 11, Dex 19, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14
HP 53, bloodied 26, surges 13×6/day
AC 20 (Darkleaf leather +1), Fort 16, Ref 18, Will 15, Init +7, Speed 6, Darkvision

Paired Vicious Scimitars+2 +9 vs AC, 1d8+4, High crit, +2d12 crit
Hunter’s Quarry/w, Nimble Strike/w +11 vs AC, Twin Strike/w +9 vs AC
Cloud of Darkness/e or Darkfire/e +9 vs Ref, Yield Ground/e, Weave Through the Fray/e, Two Fanged Strike/e +9 vs AC, Cut and Run/e +9 vs AC
Sudden Strike/d +9 vs AC, Two Wolf Pounce/d +9 vs AC

Acrobatics +12, Athletics +10, Dungeoneering +10, Intimidate +7, Perception +10, Stealth +14
Blade Opportunist, Lethal Hunter, Two Weapon Defense, Two Weapon Fighting
Two-blade Style +1d8, Trance, Prime Shot


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