M&M Random Campaign Generator

Resurrected due to Uncle Bears’ review of M&M, this is a little silliness I threw together a while ago to see if there’s anything Mutants & Masterminds couldn’t do. Roll d10 three times, one for each column, then ask yourself “Could you do this in M&M?”.

The answer is invariably “Yes”.

1 Anthropomorphic Space Mutants
2 Underground Low-Fantasy Cultists
3 Teenage Modern Detectives
4 Super-powered High-Fantasy Mercenaries
5 Hi-tech Pulp Cowboys
6 Government-sponsored Medieval Secret Agents
7 Supernatural Time-travelling Superheroes
8 Mutant Prehistoric Vigilantes
9 Pre-teen Gothic Cops
0 Roll twice Roll twice Roll twice


6 Comments on “M&M Random Campaign Generator”

  1. haha. Bookmarked for future lazy-GM-I-don’t-feel-like-coming-up-with-a-real-concept-so-I’ll-randomly-throw-together-a-one-shot use.

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks to an inordinate number of tens, I get:

    Government-Sponsered Superpowered Teenage Mutant Underground Detectives in Prehistory x_X

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