Space Family Robinson and their dog Rover too

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I seriously like this Time Sphere space-bubble. It’s oh so very Booster Gold, and what’s more it’s free too, courtesy of hal001. Grab it from ShareCG (skip past the annoying ad – do they ever work, honestly?), unzip and copy the runtime folder into your DAZ Studio/content folder. You’ll find it in Props->HAL001 and poses for Michael 3 and Vicky 3 in Pose->HAL001. The Opacity of the glass needs tweaking in DAZ Studio – do that in the Surfaces tab and adjust to taste.


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  1. Hey there I see you have also used the awesome time sphere. Just wanted to let you know to keep an eye out as I plan on using it for a comic I’m making. By the way your renders are awesome. I’m still a novice but hope to get as good one day.

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