Make 2009 the Year of the Dragon!

Here’s my gift to y’all: a completely free Dragon-themed Calendar for 2009 all primed and ready for download. All of the images have been custom created just for you, and have never been seen on this, or any other site. Get it here, now!

A taste of Mr January
A taste of Mr January

The zipfile contains 12 high-resolution jpg images for you to print, use as desktop wallpaper, laminate or whatever. Each image is formatted to 300dpi, A4 format and will print out just fine on decent quality stock without burning a hole in your ink cartridge.

But that’s not all.

I’m also offering all of the images as untouched DAZ Studio renders, and as stylized art too, for the sum of $3. So if you want to grab some serious Dragon desktop wallpaper to complement that free calendar, drop three bucks into my Paypal account and you’ll immediate access to the 20Mb download.

Here’s the title of each image, by month.

January: Over the Harsh Bleak Land
February: A Meeting of Minds
March: Uncommon Love
April: Hidden
May: Piratical Companions
June: A Flock of Dragons
July: The Burning of Castle Greyspire
August: More Prepared Than You Can Possibly Imagine
September: The Timeless Dance
October: Inner Thoughts of Vengeance
November: Dragonpunk’d
December: “….and I want a bag of gold and a play cave and my own Knight and ……”

Happy New Year!

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