A movie about the making of the Watchmen, coming soon

Well, probably. Betchya.

The ongoing battle between the forces of Good and Evil (or, as we know them, Warner and Fox) rages on. Some Dumb Judge (that’s his legal title) has decided that, despite doing nothing at all for the past 20 years, Fox do have distribution rights. This isn’t likely to hold up the movie, but does mean that Fox look set to get a ton of cash for pissing in the wind for two decades, and that sticks in my throat. Ewwww. Bad analogy. Anyhow, I’m not alone in being unhappy about this.

So, if I understand this right (and I probably don’t), Fox claim they have rights to distribute Watchmen in the gool ol’ US of A. So what’s to stop Warner distributing it in the rest of the planet only, thereby labelling it an import on US soil – albeit one of the biggest imports in history. Dump a load onto the Canadian border, and watch the fur fly. I’m simplifying here, I know.

Sure, it’ll cost a wad of bucks to pull off, but at least that cash won’t go to line Fox’s greedy lazy ass money grabbing pockets.

And that’s what it’s all about, right?

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  1. did warner even try and buy the rights off Fox? If so, why did fox refuse? and why did they just make the movie anyway? I agree completely about the complete douchebaggery that is Fox, but in the end, Warner didn’t have to make this movie … though it would be hilarious for them to distribute it elsewhere and just export it to the US. heh.

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  2. These and other equally unanswerable questions can only be revealed in a movie about the whole torrid events, I think :D

    Sounds to me like Warner either screwed up, or decided to chance it. Either way it was a silly move, but pales in comparison to Fox’s “let’s wait until right at the last minute then drop the f-bomb” tactics.

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