I’m loving this Periodic Table of Awesomeness!


(click to enlarge. You know you want to)

For a start, I’m totally digging that Bacon gets atomic number 1. Bacon is, like, the hydrogen of awesome, the source of all awesome in the universe. Batman is, of course, more awesome than Bacon, but not as high up the scale as, say, Monster Trucks or Black Holes.

Just like the good old (far inferior) periodic table, mix’n’match for more complex elements, so a female dwarf ninja would be (for example), NDw2Bb, Alien Motorcycles are MeAn, and an image of William Shatner teleporting on the internet would be ShIT. But then, you already knew that, right?

My only question is: what the heck are Mullets doing on the list?


EDIT: Thanks to bookofrev for providing the original source link.

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  1. Only actually provable things (such as Bacon, Ninjas and Batman) belong on the Periodic Table of Awesomeness. God, who requires faith and faith alone, does not.

    Sorry. He (or she) stays off the list.

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