Character du Jour: Warlady

The scouting party lay flat against the rise of the hillock, the early morning dew soaking slowly into the clothes. Their leader pointed, her keen eyes making out fine details in the stonework of the castle walls.

“You see that crack by the base of the centre drain. That’s where we’re going in.”

“It’s barely a hairline,” whispered her Dwarven sergeant, “Beggin’ your pardon Warlady, but not even you’ll fit through there, an’ me’n’ the boys definitely won’t.”

The woman known as Warlady gave a thin lipped smile, “Well, we’ll need to widen it, won’t we. Fetch the mage.”

Warlady. In the area around Thorm’s Vale, it’s become more a rallying cry that the name of one individual. Where she goes, her growing band of rebels follows as she does all she can to weaken and bring down the usurping Naevi’ir Imperials. Thorm’s Vale was taken as spoils of war following the country’s defeat on the field of battle.  Her message is clear: the war might be lost, but Warlady is far from finished.

Dirty little secret: Warlady is none other that Maena Thorissen, daughter of Thieflord Tarkin Thorissen, notorious leader of the Taker’s League. Brought up to act as the eyes and ears of her larcenous friends and relations, she now uses her keen senses and natural talent for leadership to ensure that the seat of power is an uncomfortable place to be.


DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

Notes: I like Warlords, but wish they had more Powers at low-level that didn’t depend on a high Strength score. Creating a Warlord that’s all about Charisma and Intelligence is hard!

Warlady, Lawful Good Female Human Warlord-1

STR 14, CON 11, DEX 10, INT 16, WIS 12, CHA 15
HP 23, bloodied 11, surges 5×7/day
AC 17 (chain + shield), Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 14, Squares 5

Longsword +5 vs AC, 1d8+2, versatile
Commander’s Strike/at-will, Furious Smash/at-will +5 vs Fort, Wolfpack Tactics/at-will +5 vs AC
Inspiring Word/2xenc, Warlord’s Favor/enc +5 vs AC
Bastion of Defense/will +5 vs AC

Athletics +6, Diplomacy +7, Endurance +4, Heal +6, History +8, Perception +6, Stealth +4
Skill Training (Perception), Skill Training (Stealth)
Combat Leader, Tactical Warlord

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  1. I like the idea and I really like the render! It’s possibly the most interesting character I’ve seen for a while (including others than yours).

    I wish there was more knowledge on Warlords and where their groove lies. The only way to find that out is by playing, but it kind of sucks to feel like you’re blind-fighting while everyone else knows their shtick. In fact, this blog has been the only place I’ve seen that’s really tackled warlords; IIRC, the plurality and possibly majority of your 4e Characters du Jour are warlords. (I must admit I don’t read many RPG blogs so I don’t know if there’s someone who loves them even more than you do. ;P ). I certainly appreciate your insight on the class. It has been helpful in the occasional lucid moment while in-game.

    The game design certainly doesn’t favor the Charisma/Intelligence route, and it doesn’t seem to be worth bothering with the Inspiring Warlord build. Might just be powergaming, but it was necessary for me in my group. (Eladrins are broken? Ha! The most sickeningly powerful characters in my current game are half-elves. Between a paladin and a warlock of that race, I don’t think the rest of the party needs be present.)

    I rolled a Tiefling Warlord with amnesia and an affinity for lightning. He wields a scimitar with the magic sunk into making the crits hurt very, very badly. The amnesia was more a device so I didn’t have to write his backstory, and I’m still at a loss on how to describe A) the source of his fighting skills (past the DM’s story) and B) why he doesn’t wear anything better than chain (which is one of the very puzzling RPing aspects of 4e). I suppose in my group there’s no point, but that sort of stuff bothers me.

    Holy comment spam, Batman! The point is, ultimately, that’s a cool character, and a pretty awesome render. Kudos.

  2. I hadn’t thought of it before but you’re right – I have created rather a lot of Warlords!

    There’s Sir Rodrig the Damned Lucky who is incompetent, but protected by the ghost of his father (love that!).

    Garin the Green where the Warlord class is transmuted into a classic Bard, just to prove it could be done.

    Rawn Blackraven, a black-armoured Robin Hood. And now Warlady who I love, just because having the name Warlady is so frickin’ cool to start with.

    Glad you liked her too!


    Ok, that’s me sworn off Warlords for a while :D

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