A message from the Campaign for Real Clothing

DAZ Studio, text added in Photoshop. Click to enlarge.

There’s a series of adverts run here in the UK every Christmas encouraging people to Drink Responsibly. While I applaud what they’re trying to say, I don’t think that the message quite works. I mean, it tells us to drink responsibly, but it could just as well tell us to Drive Responsibly, Laugh Responsibly, Eat Responsibly, Walk Responsibly or, as in my lil’ spoof poster above, Dress Responsibly. It’s just….. I dunno.

The idea that running adverts that tell people to be sensible is somehow going to work is lost on me. I see ads for Barbie dolls all the time right now, and I still don’t want one, so why should I respond to an ad telling me not to do something?

Oh, I am responding….. wait……..

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