Character du Jour: Redhawk

“Benedict!” Redhawk barked out the name, and the soldier turned immediately. “Fly up there and scout the area. I want recon.”
“Yes sir!” replied the grunt as wings began to sprout from his back. With a leap, he was airborn, and gone.

The voice of command, it is said, can move mountains. That has never been more true than in the case of Lieutenant Colonel Roswell Peterson, codename Redhawk. His force of command is such that anyone who is willing to follow his orders gains the abilities to carry out the task at hand. If he tells you to smash a tank, you gain great strength. Shoot down a missile and you will be able to fire energy blasts from your wrists. If he tells you to walk through walls, by the Gods you will do it. The abilities last around 20 minutes, but that’s more than enough to carry out the task as hand. Heaven help you if it isn’t, for Redhawk does not expect failure.

Redhawk can bestow powers or enhanced abilities to himself too, but prefers to use his raw skills and tactical talents where possible. He’s neither a fool nor a coward, and if the situation demands his personal attention he’ll power up and be first on the front line.

He travels with his own cadre of 5 loyal soldiers known as Redhawk’s Harriers. Dressed in their distinctive red-and-black uniforms they’re all ex-marines and well used to the transformations bestowed by Redhawk’s orders. Redhawk’s military contacts keep him busy feeding intel about possible metahuman hotspots and ensuring that they’re given a clear line of fire – after all, better to risk this band of mercenaries than the lives of good, solid regular troops and their expensive equipment.

Dirty little secret: How can Redhawk bend reality like this? How can he bestow superpowers with a mere word? The answer is simple. Redhawk is a New God, though he’d laugh in your face if you suggested as much. He’s a slowly developing deity with the tiniest fraction of his future power. His word is will, made manifest.

Or, as Redhawk himself would say. “I tell my men to do something and they do it. I expect nothing less.”

Notes: Boost is an awesome power in M&M which allows the character to improve powers, abilities, skills or whatever – even if the recipient doesn’t possess those abilities in the first place. Redhawk can bestow Powers, Abilities or Skills and the new or increased ability lasts for around 20 minutes. He can issue one order per round, and the recipient must be within 80′ and be able to hear the command. He can bestow one new Power, increased Ability or Skill ranks to himself too, but use Boost no more than once per round. In other words, in 6 rounds he and his team of Harriers could have 6 different super-powers and be primed for anything. Ouch.

Redhawk is the 4e D&D Warlord Class, supersized. Mummy.

Lieutenant Colonel Roswell Peterson, aka Redhawk, PL 10, 150pp
STR 14, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 16, WIS 15, CHA 24
Tough +2/+6, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +12
Attack +6, Grapple +8, Defense +6, Init +3

Bluff +8, Concentration +6, Craft:Mechanical +6, Diplomacy +12, Disable Device +8, Drive +8, Gather Info +12, Intimidate +8, Investigate +8, KS:Tactics +12, Notice +6, Pilot +5, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +6

Assessment, Attack Specialization 2 (Light Pistol), Benefit 1 (Lieutenant Colonel), Connected, Fearless, Inspire, Leadership, Master Plan, Minions 5 (5x45pp), Equipment 9

Boost Powers 8 (Slow Fade 3 (20 minutes), Range 1 (ranged), Total Fade, Limited 1 (Must be able to communicate with target, willing targets only)
– AP: Boost Attributes 8
– AP: Boost Skills 8

Utility Belt, Motorcycle, Light Pistol (30′, +10, DC 18), Tactical Vest
Unarmed (+6, DC 17)

Redhawk’s Harriers
The Harriers are 5 ex-marines loyal to Redhawk’s command. The roster is currently Benedict, Peppard, Schultz, Ashley and Tureaud, though there’s a waiting list of able bodies really to fill their shoes.

They are equiped with assault rifles, grenades, body armour and a standard issue red motorcycle each. Redhawk requesitions additional military equipment if it’s required, but those times are extremely rare.

Their stats are as per the Soldier block on page 229 of the Mutants & Masterminds Core Rules with the addition of a Motorcycle. Because soldiers on red motorbikes is just cool.

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  1. Ok
    I’m ready for a Redhawk webcomic all ready. I’ll pay .99 an issue for that. I see this being 33% A-Team/Mission Impossible/Soldier of Fortune INC. [in a good non-repetative way], 33% X-Files, 33% Superhero team like X-Factor or The Power Co. [not the big epic teams like Avengers or JLA].

    Right away, to get the reader caught up one of Redhawks “Standard” soldiers is hurt, or mabye Redhawk needs another man, so a new person is brought in and needs to be brought up to speed…

  2. Rev Mike wins the no-prize for getting the reference :D

    Me, I want a toy model of Redhawk and his Harriers complete with pull back and go red motorbikes.

    And I want it NOW!

  3. He reminds me of the story of Jesus and the centurion. (I don’t get the reference, though, woe is me!)

    I’d totally offer my art skillz for a webcomic but A) I don’t draw Marvel/DC-style stuff and B) I’m already dying enough with school as it is.

    The idea is certainly cool. :)

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