Character du Jour: Mukamutara Hatshepsut

“But why?”

The Elder Temple Scribe had heard the question a thousand times from Mukamutara’s lips, but had still failed to find a satisfactory answer.

“My dear little princess,” he replied, striving to keep his voice as composed as possible, “We were sired as slaves. Slavery is our blood, our life. Now though, we are the ones who wield the whips. That is the Githyanki way. It just…. is.”

The young Gith child shook her head. She still did not understand, and that meant she wanted no part in it.

Mukamutara Hatshepsut – Tara to her friends – is a high-born Githyanki who has foresworn her heritage. Unable to accept or tolerate the slave-taking practices of the people she has dedicated herself to the causes of Freedom for all races. She departed the Astral Sea to accept landfall and the ravages of time – a small price to pay, she considers, if she can in some way atone for the sins of her forefathers.

Dirty little secret: The Githyanki, as a military race, do not tolerate deserters kindly, and at least one Death Crew has been appointed for her retrieval. Though family ties are usually weak among Gith culture as a high-born she has some value, and her family members would prefer her to return alive. They have sent their own agents, hoping to find her before the Death Crew arrives.

If that wasn’t enough, a small Githzerai monastry has gained word of her presence in the area……….

DAZ Studio, click to enlarge. I’ve also uploaded a much (1200×1200) larger version, here

Notes: Her name is Egyptian; it means “foremost of noble women born during war”. I like the idea of using the Egyptian culture for Giths – an empire-spanning race accustomed to slavery and sacrifice who use heiroglyphs and strange, forbidden magic practices. Oh yeh.

Swordmage is a seriously great class full of pointy-bladed elemental goodness. In this case I’ve given her mainly lightning-based Powers to reflect something of the powerful Astral Storms of her homeplane, and her Aegis of Assault and Telekinetic Leap mean she’s like a sword-wielding lightning-blasting Nightcrawler babe. I like.

Mukamutara Hatshepsut, Good (Chaotic) Female Githyanki Swordmage-1

STR 12, CON 16, DEX 11, INT 18, WIS 10, CHA 13
HP 31, bloodied 15, surges 7 x 11/day
AC 19 (leather + swordmage warding), Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 14, Speed 6, Init +2

Arcana +9, Diplomacy +6, History +11, Intimidate +6; Common, Deep Speech
Escalating Assault, Swordbond, Githyanki Willpower

Longsword +4 vs AC, 1d8+1, versatile
Aegis of Assault/at-will, Lightning Lure/at-will +4 vs Fort, Sword Burst/at-will +4 vs Ref
Telekinetic Leap/enc, Lightning Clash/enc +7 vs AC
Whirling Blade/day 7 vs AC

3 Comments on “Character du Jour: Mukamutara Hatshepsut”

  1. @Dead Orcs Thanks! I liked the idea of a Gith stopping for a moment and thinking…… hang on…..

    @Chgowiz Something like this, perhaps?

    Female Githyanki Fighter/Magi-1
    STR 16, DEX 11,MIND 18
    Phys +3, Sub +1, Know +1, Comm +1
    HP 22, AC 17 (leather + MIND)

    Longsword +4, 1d8+3

    Able to cast lightning-based spells using her Longsword as a focus.

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