Character du Your: Voting is closed

And the winner is,……

A female Githyanki Swordmage! I’ll be posting up the fully stated, detailed and rendered character later this week. Thanks to all who voted!

The Swordmage class led the pack right from the start taking a stonking 45% of the votes leaving it’s closest rival, the Rogue, languishing with a mere 18%. All classes got some love apart from the Fighter and Paladin, so I reckon those two are the classes that are either easiest to build yourself, or are perceived as being the least interesting to read. I’ll be taking how the votes fell into account over the next few Character du Jours.

Over on the races the Kobold, Bugbear, Githyanki and Eladrin remained neck-and-neck through the voting with one last tactical vote pushing the Gith into the lead at the last minute. It’s good to see the less common races getting some love all round. I pretty much expected it to fall that way – after all, who’d vote for a lowly Human Fighter, eh?

When it came to gender I expected stereotypical male sensibilities to lead, but it was great to see both male and female being voted for equally and the fairer sex winning out in the end. I like generating (and, for that matter, playing) female characters; it’s more of a challenge, and that, to my mind, is what role-playing is all about.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a female Gith Swordmage to create.

Thanks all, again!

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