Ducks for 4e

It suddenly hit me. All this time I’ve had a nagging feeling that there was something missing from 4e D&D, and like the proverbial bolt from the blue, I realised what it was. Ducks! And not just any Ducks, put 100% hot-blooded Gloranthan Ducks straight from the pages of my battered copy of Runequest II. After all, 4e D&D has got everything else – swords and sorcery, rituals, even Tieflings Chaos Broos!

This is what Runequest II has to say about Ducks:

This is a race cursed by the gods during the Great Darkness for not joining them versus the forces of Chaos. It is unknown whether they were originally human and became feathered and web-footed, or originally ducks cursed with flightlessness and intelligence. They reside mostly in Duckpoint (in Sartar) and must, due to their small strength, use weapons such as short swords, slings, etc.

The come in a veriety of different coloured feathers and are excellent swimmers, though they cannot fly, having arms instead of wings. Most armour is too heavy for them.

So, without further ado, here’s the 4e Racial write-up for Ducks!

Average Height: 2′ 10″ – 3′ 2″
Average Weight: 55 – 75

Ability scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom
Size: Small; additionally, a Duck cannot wield any weapon two-handed other than a Shortbow, and cannot wear any armour heavier than chainmail
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Normal

Languages: Common, Duck
Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Insight
Born to Water: You gain a +8 racial bonus to Athletics or Endurance-based checks when they relate to swimming
Easily Overlooked: You gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.
Tasty Target: Evil meat-eating opponents will favour you over foes of other races. If you are within 5 squares, they take a -2 penalty to any attacks which do not include you as a target.

(best served with orange sauce)

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  1. @Bonemaster Yep. Ral Partha made some excellent Duck Adventurer figures – and Broos too. I had remember owning a handful of their broos way back in the day.

    @Tony I’m just itching to create a Dark Pact Warlock Duck called Howard.

  2. So…just the other day I was talking with a friend about a dream he had about the D&D group as ducklings trying to escape a flooded military facility…and I threatened him with running that very thing for my next campaign…an argument ensued over what system I’d run it on…

    Long story short, we decided that “afro” was both a skill and a prestige class…

    Wait till he sees this!…

    Reverend Mikes last blog post..Not Dead, Just Sleeping…

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