Marvel RPG Week!

Starting Monday, Make Mine Marvel! I’m going to take a full week to take you through another one of the greatest RPGs from the history of this great hobby. Each day I’ll pick apart one piece of the system to show you just why it deserves being given a chance on your game table right now.

If you want to get a head start, either dive into that attic and dust down your prized copy of rules, or head over to Classic Marvel and grab the Advanced Players and Judges Handbooks, for free.

Get ready, True Believers! It’s coming…………

7 Comments on “Marvel RPG Week!”

  1. Just started playing this with my Pathfinder group. Have to say I’m still warming to the system, as its very different to anything I have played before. Also my character’s name is Gust Girl, makes it sound like she has a flatulence problem.

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