Character du Jour: Black Friday

She waited, the darkness of the alley folding around her like a shroud. Out there, somewhere, was her husband’s killer – a criminal of the first order who stole her heart and left a void only the bullet of a gun could fill. Her next target was close; she could taste his crimes, harsh metal on the tongue. Slowly, she cocked ger guns with a silent prayer that this was the one. If not, the hunt would continue. She was Black Friday, and she would prevail.

Detective Marc Friday was a good cop, of that there was no doubt. Even less in question was that he was a terrific husband to Jacqueline, who returned his love a hundredfold. That Thanksgiving was to be his last before a month long vacation they’d planned for half a year, the excitement and expectation a palpable reward for the many lonely nights she’d spent knowing her husband was doing all he could to keep the streets safe.

It was also the last Thanksgiving for Marc, gunned down by an unknown crook. For Jacqueline, the following day was the blackest Friday of all.

Now, the nights are no longer lonely. She roams the streets, hunting the criminals one by crooked one, intent on finding and punishing the thief who stole her heart. And when she finally finds him, she will know. She will know.

Dirty little secret: There’s so many directions we could go with this. Was Marc Friday really so squeaky clean? Why has the force closed ranks and denied Jacq the information she so desperately needs? Is Marc’s death the result of bigger, more sinister things? And (if Grant Morrison wrote this) is he really dead, or will he return in a story that makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Batman RIP my arse.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.
DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

Notes: Vengeance-filled wife of a cop! Pure street-level action! Punisher in a bra (ok, don’t go there). Here’s PL 6 street-level character for adventures one step removed from the world of gritty crime dramas.

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Jacqueline “Black” Friday, PL 6, 90 points
STR 16, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 14
Tough +5/+3, Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +5
Attack +8, Grapple +11, Damage +3 (unarmed)/+4 (heavy pistols), Defense +7, Init +2

Drive +6, Gather Info +10, Intimidate +10, KS:Streetwise +9, Notice +10, Search +7, Sense Motive +10, Stealth +8
Contacts, Distract (Intimidate), Equipment 5, Evasion, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Stunning Attack

Cellphone, Flashlight, Handcuffs, Mini-Tracer, Heavy Pistol, Undercover Shirt, 4×4 Pickup Truck

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