If you like Doctor Who and superheroes this is for you

Oh yeh.

Google Image Search, I love you.

EDIT: I think this page is the original source of this Cyberman – Iron Man hybrid. Credit where it’s due!

4 Comments on “If you like Doctor Who and superheroes this is for you”

  1. Yessssss…

    Now I want to run a supers game in the Who universe. I just can’t decide if I want it to be Earth-based, UNIT or Torchwood with superpowers, or something futuristic and space-based like the Legion of Super-Heroes. In the latter, players could be from any alien race ever seen on Doctor Who. AAAHHH! HEAD SPLODEY!

    Berin Kinsmans last blog post..RPG Thanksgiving: Gaming Gratitude

  2. @Berin Oh yes. We could have Tony Stark filling the creator-of-the-Cyberman role with him rolling out the Iron Cyberman suits as compulsory Upgrades for all workers at Stark Industries. Heh.

    Braniac as Davros, perphaps.

    Captain Jack would make an awesome Green Lantern :D


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