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  1. Ok, so, I’ve been watching your renders for awhile here and you just ended up getting me very intrigued by DAZ Studio.

    I haven’t worked in 3d in years – did a few jobs with 3DS Max back then. I think I was pretty good with mechanical stuff (I modeled a few tools)… but I always sucked at organic stuff.

    So what does DAZ do that MAX doesn’t? (Besides spare your wallet)

    Eric Maziades last blog post..Do you even like playing a warlock?

  2. Hey Eric! :D

    DAZ Studio doesn’t contain a modeller, so relies entirely on pre-created object to populate your renders. That’s no real limitation though as it leaves it to handle what it does do surprisingly well indeed.

    The render engine itself is much better than you’d expect – certainly the equal to Poser. It’s not in the same league as Bryce, Carrara, Lightwave or Maya’s engines, but it’s more than enough for us talentless amateurs :D

    Where DAZ Studio wins out is it’s interface. It’s uncluttered, sensible and not a dog’s dinner like most 3d app interfaces (*cough* lightwave *cough*). I can free up almost the entire screen as workspace with not a dial in sight, if I want. And that makes it a total joy to use.

    It’s well worth the download :D

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