Gnome Kidnapping Horror!

The Gnome-Be-Gone GnomeBearers have struck again, stealing yet more helpless Gnomes while they quietly fish in small garden ponds. If you have any information about this crime, contact Gnomestoppers, now!

Love these. They’re available from Perpetual Kid, along with tons of other jaw-achingly cool stuff for the inner geek. And the outer geek too, for that matter.

Anyone want to stat these critters for 4e? They look like Modrons’ evil cousins to me.

4 Comments on “Gnome Kidnapping Horror!”

  1. Oh man…these look like those Langolier things from that bad TV Stephen King adaptation (except with legs).

    And snap…someone really needs to stat out the Modrons for 4E. They were always my favorite denizens of the outer planes.

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