4e Supplements from an alternate world

Another temporal digital wormhole has deposited a file onto my hard drive from the same alternate universe that provided this 3e review. This time it’s an excerpt of their 4e D&D product list – and perhaps an insight into the kind of products we can see in the future. You decide.

Black Power
Bring the Power of the Civil Rights Movement to your D&D game! Discover over 300 new Powers and abilities for your game including the all new Black Panther build for the Ranger Class. If your character is Young, Dwarven and Black, this is the supplement for you!

Puppy Power
Disclaimer: We said that anthropomorphic Races were cheesy. We were wrong. We’re sorry.

And to make amends, here it is! Puppy Power includes all you need to bring cartoon anthropomorphs into your D&D game! Includes over 35 templates to add anthro features to any existing Race or Monster, so that Post-Pubescent Spellwarped Chameleon Paladin is finally within your grasp!

Includes over 300 new Powers. Batteries not included.

Girl Power
“I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…..” 300 new Powers just for the female characters in your party.

Note that there is a known problem with the binding of this supplement and it is likely to split apart if poorly handled.

Greyhawk Campaign Guide

Greyhawk Players’ Guide

Gnomonomicon 1 – Chromatic Gnomes
Explore the murky depths of the most feared creature in D&D. Inside you’ll find complete details about many different breeds of Gnome including the fiery Red Gnomes, swampland Green Gnomes and feral White Gnomes of the icy wastes. Learn what it is to look, act and think like a Gnome and discover new and exciting abilities for this most misunderstood and reviled of all Races.

Includes over 300 new Powers. No idea why. It just does.

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