Ant Dungeons!

From the “you gotta watch this” files. Here’s what you get when scientists fill an ant’s colony with cement. Pure. Dungeon layout. Gold. The wow factor starts about half-way through.

(Embedded Youtubery. RSS readers, you may need to click through to view.)

I’m so going to put Giant Ants into my next adventure!

Found via Dark Roasted Blend. Which is, btw, a most awesome site.

Coming up: another Villain du Jour and a D&D review from an alternate universe. No, really.

9 Comments on “Ant Dungeons!”

  1. While I’ve heard this was possible to do (pour concrete or plaster down an ant hole), I’ve never seen it done or illustrated. Absolutely amazing video…

    On another note, shortly after the dig began, a spare camcorder left lying about caught some interesting footage. The snippet was only about thirty seconds long, but it shows a small black ant leaving the area carrying two tiny scimitars.

    Dead Orcss last blog post..What the Hell We Supposed ta Do, Ya’ Mo-dron!?

  2. You know, for someone who came just to read your excellent DAZ Studio tutorials, it’s odd that they’re placed so far apart with no quick and easy way to search for them.

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