Character sheets that stand up and be counted

Over on 6d6 Fireball there’s a great blogpost about why character sheets suck. I’m 100% in agreement, and thrown our own quick-and-dirty PDF 4e character sheet into the mix. It’s gawd-awful ugly, but in a minimalist old-school way that’s got a charm all of its own.

Here it is, for you to check out (311k pdf). Print it out on stiff card, fold in half and….. well, I’m repeating myself. Here’s what I said in the comments:

My favourite design for a character sheet is portrait, folding in half so it stands upright to give the player a mini-screen of their own. One side shows all the player needs to see in-game, the other side shows what the GM (and other players) need to see – character name, level, perception & other skill bonuses, etc. Inside is the less-frequently referenced stuff – equipment lists, etc.

If there’s any more talented designers out there who want to take this layout and prettify it, be my guest!

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  1. We used to do something similar with our Rolemaster character sheets. One summer our local newsagent bought a photocopier but didn’t know how to use it or how to charge for the various sizes. We ended up being able to get our sheets printed out double sided on A3 light card for about 2p per sheet.

    We changed the sheet about on our school computer so that the main page was on the inside left and on the right we had our most used weapons/skill cheat sheet and our equipment list on the right. Skills and misc data was on the back and we encouraged the players to draw their character on the front cover. We never actually used them as a screen though as DM screens were something we didn’t understand the need for so to carry that over to players didn’t even occur to us.

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