Villain du Jour: Lazarus

(Warning: contains Christian mythology. If this offends you, look away now.)

The priest dangled upside down, 200 feet above the sidewalk. His legs were bound by a rope which hung over a pulley and tied to an iron ring set in the roof of the Corpus Christi building. Beside it knelt a gaunt, well dressed figure.

“Have you seen Heaven, priest?”, the figure asked, his tone conversational as the priest whimpered and pleaded. “I have. I was a good man, father. A good man. I was there, right there at the gates, and let me tell you, everything you think Heaven is, the real thing’s  ten thousand times better. And He brought be back, pulled me away just as St Peter signed my name in The Book. Brought me back to life He did, and that’s a one way trip. I can’t die, father. Not then, not now, not ever.”

The priest began to pray, lost in his own terror.

“Can you imagine it? To see Heaven, then know you’re never going to reach it? Enough to drive a person insane, it is………….”

He slowly untied the rope.

“Oh, and when you see your Lord, tell him Lazarus says hello.”

Lazarus, raised from the dead by Jesus and fated never to feel the touch of death again. Give Wolverine’s healing ability to the Joker and add in a dash of religious hatred and this is what you get. Lazarus is a psychotic killer with a beef against the God who has cursed him with immortality. He’s obsessed with sending people to the Heaven he’s been denied, but not interested in the folks who’re going to Hell as he figures that they’ll get where they’re going without his help. When nuns, priest and the downright good end their days in bizarre and unexplained ways, there’s a likelihood that Lazarus is behind it all.

Dirty little secret: God still has a reason and purpose for Lazarus. What it is though, I’m not telling.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge

Notes: Here’s my current favourite villain in the grim’n’gritty Street-level Freedom City campaign. He’s built to PL 10 to stand against the PL 8 heroes. Lazarus has no real superpowers beyond near-instant regeneration, several lifetime’s worth of experience, a psychotic attitude and indecent levels of Wealth. But then, that’s probably enough to keep the players busy for a while yet :D

Lazarus travels light; he’s equipped with just a walking cane and a cellphone, and rents or buys what he needs as he travels, rarely staying long enough in a single place to set down roots. He has no Minions, but a vast network of Contacts through his long-term web of business ventures, including several Senators and Judges. With Wealth 28 he has access to yachts, private helicopters and apartments as required without feeling the financial pinch. Nice, but in a bad, bad way.

Lazarus, PL 10, 150pp

STR 12, DEX 13, CON 18, INT 22, WIS 18, CHA 20
Tough +4, Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +12
Attack +8, Defense +8, Init +1

Bluff +9, Disguise +7, Drive +3, Gather Info +9, KS:Behavioural Sciences +8, KS:Business +10, KS:Civics +8, KS:History +14, KS:Theology +14, Languages (English, Aramaic, several others)
Benefit 5 (Wealth 28), Connected, Contacts, Eidetic Memory, Fearless, Leadership, Master Plan, Taunt, Well-Informed

Immunity 10 (Aging, Life Support)
Regeneration 33 (Resurrection 7 (10 rounds), Recovery:all (1 round without rest), Limited 1:Not vs. True Holy Relics)

Cellphone, Walking Cane (+8 DC 18)

8 Comments on “Villain du Jour: Lazarus”

  1. Some might be surprised that there are conservative Christians who like to play D&D too. As one myself, I find nothing offensive about this post. Quite the contrary. My opinion is that God gave each of us remarkable brains and it is our responsibility to use them to their fullest. D&D exercises mine. While I don’t yet play any modern versions of the game, I find this villain to be genius. Now the picture of Conan undressed below….that’s a different story…

  2. @BigWaveDave Glad you like my treatment of Lazarus. I’m pretty pleased with the character too; just goes to show that sometimes even good deeds can have bad consequences.

    And I’ll concede that last pic of Conan is far from my best. It’s just a throwaway render, that one. Conan is traditionally shown as being this near-naked barbarian warrior, and that’s kinda the point of the image – he ought to put some clothes on :D

  3. that would rock. I can just picture him advancing on the poor heroes, weary of what he must do, but knowing he must do it, and no matter what they do to him, he just gets back up, and keeps coming. Really creepy…

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