4e Monster Manual Encounter Table

Here’s a handy spreadsheet listing all the suggested encounters from the 4e Monster Manual. And here is is again in PDF format, sorted in XP and Level order. I’m going to use it for GM inspiration as a kind of Random Encounter Table for those times I want to toss a Level 5 encounter at the players and not have to think too much about Encounter Composition. I’ll just eyeball the list, crack open the MM and add salt to taste.

I realized part-way through that page numbers would probably have helped, but I’ll leave it as-is. Feel free to use, adapt and improve according to your needs.

Here’s a few stats that come out of this little exercise:

The average encounter level is 13 out of 339 listed encounters. The average number of XP per encounter is 9,327. The lowest XP for a single encouter is 500, and the highest is 225,000 for a battle with Orcus and friends. Ouch.

The total number of XP is 3,161,840. That’s 632,368 each for a party of 5 – or 790,460 for a party of 4. That’s enough to reach 27th level (or 28th for a party of four) if you just worked through the list and did nothing else, but that would be a very weird campaign indeed. Insanely cool, but weird.


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  1. This is actually going to be useful to me, even in a different system. Alot of these monsters are general fantasy types and having a list like this is extremely handy!

    Viriathas last blog post..House Rules

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