Character du Jour: Tamuríl Anwarünya

She gazed across the valley, seeing as much with her mind as with her Elfsight. See saw how it once had been, a limitless forest, the playground of her youth before the coming of Man. She saw their buildings, their tearing of the trees as human ambition carved roads where once lay mere forest trails. Now, her eyes fell upon ruins, the Mannish Empire long-gone and the land reclaimed by the forest once more. Always, she mused, nature prevails.

Tamuríl is long-lived, even for an Eladrin. She has seen over 1200 Summers, and in that time been hailed a Queen by her people, traveled the wild places of this land and many others, and buried more lovers than other folks recognise faces in a crowd. She has led armies, been hailed as a Legend then forgotten as tales of new heroes rise in fame. She has faced Gods and Demons and declared victory over both. And she’s not done yet.

For Tamuríl Anwarünya is one of Nature’s Chosen, as attuned to the forests and lands she has sworn to protect as the tides are to the moon. Unconcerned with the petty fleeting ways of Man, she cares little about the logging and rape of the forest for she knows nature will return and conquer. Rather, she seeks the festering evil that can warp the land, the cancerous pits of demonspawn and tears in reality which threaten to shake the world to it’s core. Immortality is a small price to pay in the service of life itself.

Dirty little secret: She is Nature’s Chosen – or is she merely deluded? Did Nature choose her, or has she taken this path herself and Nature cares as little about her as it does the life of a rabbit in a snare? That is a tale waiting to be told.

Notes: Epic Heroine! Fallen Queen! Eternal Guardian! If Elric was a female nature loving elf, he would be Tamuríl Anwarünya. With her Phasing Longbow (love those!) and swathing Berserker Longsword she’s the savagery of nature personified, a blur of blood in her crimson Regal Eladrin Amour.

4e D&D does Epic very, very well indeed.

I love how (thanks to the wonderful Javascript 4e Character Generator) it took me all of 20 minutes to create a 21st level character. Add magic items straight from the PHB, and she’s done. Brilliant stuff.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

Tamuríl Anwarünya
Lawful Good Female Eladrin Ranger / Pathfinder / Eternal seeker – 21

STR 15, CON 14, DEX 24, INT 15, WIS 16, CHA 16
HP 141, bloodied 70, surges 35 x 10/day
AC 35 (Sylvan Hide +5), Fort 26, Ref 33, Will 27, Init +17, Speed 6, Low-light Vision

Longsword +18 vs AC, 1d8+7, versatile
Longbow +23 vs AC, 1d10+11, range 25/45; Load free
Hit and Run/at-will +18 vs AC, Nimble Strike/at-will +20 vs AC
Fey Step/enc, Yield Ground/enc, Spikes of the Manticore/enc +23 vs AC,
Wrong Step/enc +18 vs AC, Knockdown Shot/enc +23 vs AC, Triple Shot/enc +23 vs AC
Evade Ambush/day, Open the Range/day, Act Together/day, Long Strider/day
Spray of Arrows/day +23 vs AC, Bleeding Wounds/day +23 vs AC, Great Ram Arrow/day +23 vs AC, Slasher’s Mark/day +17 vs AC

Arcana +14, Athletics +21, Heal +18, History +22, Nature +18, Perception +20, Stealth +26
Alertness, Eladrin Soldier, Farshot, Lethal Hunter, Skill Focus (History), Agile Athlete, Danger Sense, Distant Shot, Feywild Protection, Lightning Reflexes, Point Blank Shot, Epic Resurgence, Triumphant Attack
Fey Origin, Trance, Fey Step, Two-Blade Style, Hunter’s Quarry, Prime Shot
Battlehoned, Pathfinder’s Action, Cruel Recovery, Seeker of the Many Paths

Sylvan Hide Armor +5, Phasing Longbow +4, Berserker Longsword +3, Eladrin Boots, Ring of Freedom of Movement, Cloak of Survival +3

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