Character du Jour: c't

His mind floated the void, pondering this strange adopted world so full of raw, untamed, uncontrolled emotion. He rode it’s currents, sensing the fears, hopes and dreams of entire populations. Then, he felt it. If emotions had colours, this was an harsh scarlet; a wash of fear and pain that stood out like a star in the surrounding Dark.

“Oh this will never do,” c’t muttered to himself, returning his Voidself back to his Shellself. In the shadow of the apartment, the blue form stretched, turned to the window and flew into the night.

c’t is a psionic alien who reads, senses and responds to emotions. He can sense fear and the wrongness that surround acts of evil, though has little understanding of such concepts as “good” and “evil”. For reasons known only to him, he has adopted Earth as his home, and considers himself as something of a caretaker of the world’s emotions. Where emotions flare and surge, c’t is likely to sense, and take action.

Dirty little secret: c’t is an emotional vampire; he draws sustenance from emotional energy (his body needs food too – he’s very partial to marshmallows), and his efforts to fix areas of emotional “wrong” are roughly akin to cutting the grissle and fat from his food. He is currently hiding on Earth due to Intergalactic Crimes. His Flight Ring is “borrowed” from the last Spacecorps patrolman who tried to capture him. They probably want it back.

Notes: Alien Psychic Emotion Sucking Vampire! And he’s blue! C’mon! Check out his Powers – he’s got ESP and Telepathy that’s got (as near as dammit) a global range. He can throw up a mental Force Field, has an unbreakable Will, blast folks with a bolt of sheer Mental energy or control their emotions. When a blue guy can make you feel fear, love, lust, anger or terror this ain’t no Smurf you want to mess with. He’s also got a whole range of precog/postcog/awareness/danger sensing abilities that are entirely Uncontrolled – meaning they’re under the control of the GM as Plot Devices. His Quick Change feat represents his ability to throw up a psychic disguise to blend in his humanity. It doesn’t fool security cameras, but it does fool people watching the footage at a later date thanks to his psychic precog/postcog yadda yadda.

He’s a hero, but for all the wrong reasons. Love this guy.

DAZ Studio, no postwork

c’t, PL 10, 150 points

STR 10, DEX 12, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 20, CHA 12
Tough +0/+12, Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +10
Attack +5, Grapple +5, Defense +8, Init +1

Computers +6, Concentration +12, Investigate +4, KS:Life Sciences +6, KS:Technology +6, Notice +8, Search +8, Sense Motive +7
Quick Change 2 (human persona, any clothes), Trance, Ultimate Save (Will), Uncanny Dodge (Mental)

ESP 9 (all senses, 20,000 miles)
– AP: Mental Blast (DC 24)

Force Field 12, Mind Shield 5

Super-Senses 10 (all uncontrolled; Danger Sense, Mental Awareness, Precognition, Postcognition)

Telepathy 9 (20,000 miles)
– AP: Emotion Control 9 (DC 19)

Borrowed Flight Ring (Device; Flight 6, Immunity (Cold, Pressure, Suffocation))

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