I just found out how to blow things up

(and if that title doesn’t send the dumbfucks in government who think that RSS and Twitter feeds are terrorist tools running for the hills, nothing will!)

I’ve been re-reading and loving Crimson Dark, which is, quite possibly, the best sci-fi webcomic ever. Not only is it beautifully written with great lines, terrific characters and created using a compelling blend of 3d renders and ….uh…. more 3d renders (and more than a little Photoshop), but the creator, David Simon, is also an awesomely great guy.

Among his pile of tutorials I found this little gem, a You Tube video showing how to create explosions in Photoshop. Using clouds. Yep, the fluffy white things in the sky.

Y’know what – it works too, brilliantly.

Here’s proof. Take one sub-par boring render of a sub-par boring spaceship………..

Add space background, follow tutorial, and…………



(Click to enlarge)

Not bad for a first attempt. Not bad at all.

I love you, Internet.

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