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It was a simple enough challenge: create an image of a ship that would be perfect for a starting Traveller campaign. The game stats would be pretty close to the Scout ship norm, but the craft should tread a fine line between “I want!” and “don’t mess with me”. It needed a reasonable cargo hold, big-ass engines and guns to make you drool – and all in a package that’s new campaign friendly.

Ok, maybe not such a simple challenge after all :D .

After trolling this thread for ideas and inspiration and cracking open the utterly brilliant Flying Vehicles Construction Set in DAZ Studio, this is what I came up with. Hope y’all like it.

Now all it needs is a name. Any ideas?

All DAZ Studio, no postwork, click to view full size.

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  1. I love it!

    I’d use something generic like a product code, and a simple name based on a two-headed theme as in “Ettin X-IV-47DT” or “Cerberos 55TDI” or “Demogorgon i7456-FTL”

    Alex Schröders last blog post..Blogroll

  2. @Berin Noooooo! :D if I was going to name it after food, I’d call it the Bacon double cheeseburger, but that’s just me.

    @Alex I like. Favourite so far.

    I’m pretty pleased with the whole double-cockpit idea. The ship is designed to take 2 crew members in each side with hot-swappable consoles, and a further pop-down seat behind. The minimum crew is 2 (pilot and navigator), though 2 extra crew-members is ideal – they take care of the gunnery, and one acts as a medic. There’s double-bunks and a head in the corridor behind each cockpit. Maximum capacity is 6, though that involves time-sharing the bunks or camping down in the cargo hold.

    Yeh, I thought it all through. Go figure.

    @Sam Hmmmmmm…… looks a bit more like a crab to me :D

    Keep ’em coming!

  3. If those guns can fire independantly I’d call it the “Double Trouble”

    For a technical touch it could a “Psi 23 class scout/freighter”. The general shape is like the greeek letter Psi, could substitute Pi too.

    It’s hard to name without knowing it’s function in the game, a smuggler’s ship “Double Trouble”, a pirate vesssel “The Pi Pincer”, etc.

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