Character du Jour: Jonah Uglee

“Butt naked he was, and throwin’ them crooks ’round like they was rag dolls.” Detective Biggs listened with half an ear; he knew as soon as he saw one of the thieves embedded half way up the wall who had stopped this particular crime-in-progress.

“And I’ll tell you something else. Ugly he was; uglier’n’ anything I ever seen before, like his face was all made wrong or somethin’. Saved my life though when ‘e broke that shotgun clean in half. That’s when I saw – he only had three fingers on each ‘and. Taint natural, that’s for sure.”

Ah Jonah, thought Biggs, folks just don’t know what to make of you, do they son.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Michael 4 model. Good, isn’t it? Clickee biggee.

“Jonah Uglee! Jonah Uglee” the other kids used to yell, calling him and throwing trash in his face on the route to school. Until the age of 15, he did what he’d been told by his mom and the doctors – just keep his head down, hood drawn tight and ignore them. Then the day came when something felt…. wrong. One of the kids was standing in the road, kicking waste from the gutter. Jonah lunged, grabbing the boy with his deformed hands as a car flew forward, as out of control as it’s drug-fuelled driver. At first the boy panicked, terrified that Jonah had finally snapped until his friends pointed to the totalled wreck where he’d stood a moment before.

Then Jonah saw the boy’s eyes. For that moment, he wasn’t a freak or something to be ridiculed or pitied. To that boy, right there, he was a hero.

Another 15 years have passed, and Jonah still walks with his head down and hood drawn tight. The visions come more frequently now, the flashes of where he needs to be, to be the hero. When he’s there, he strips right down, shedding the clothes that hide his true nature and wades in, proud that he’s just as nature made him. After all, when you’re this ugly, who needs a costume?

Dirty little secret: None.

Notes: Superstrong naked ugly precog. What’s not to love?

Jonah Uglee, PL10, 150pp

STR 34, DEX 10, CON 38, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 12
Tough +14, Fort +!4, Ref +4, Will +6
Attack +8, Grapple +27, Defense +6, Init +0

Immunity 12 (Damage: Cold & Heat, Fatigue Effects, Pressure), Impervious Toughness 11, Leaping 3 (220′), Super-Senses 6 (Danger Sense:Visual, Awareness: Psionic, Precognition), Super-Strength 7 (Groundstrike 120′, DC22)

Intimidate +8, Notice +8, Search +6, Sense Motive +7, Stealth +4, Survival +3
Improved Pin, Power Attack

Complication: Ugly!

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