Scott tells it straight

And well done to him for doing so.

Scott Rouse has explained why D&D miniatures has changed, in all it’s gory detail. Rather than repeat and summarize, I just wanna say well done for meeting the wolf head on (we wulfs can take it – tough skulls!) and giving the players what they’ve wanted all along – non-random minis!

Sure, the jump in price is a kicker but that was going to happen anyhow, and this way the line continues and the minis are repositioned closer to the core D&D brand rather than being some nebuluous “other game that’s not quite the same”. Well done, Wizards.

If the price really does hurt, rather than complain about Wizards do something about it instead. If you’re in the US vote the fuckers out of office who got your country and the world in this mess in the first place :D

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