Maybe I am King of the Wizards after all

Shame no one told me!

Back in the dim and distant past (August 12th, to be precise) I wrote a little blogpost about what I’d do to improve Wizards of the Coast if I was King of the Wizards. Now, either I truly am their lord and master, have amazingly good precognitive Powers, someone out there read what I wrote and took it to heart, or it was all mind-bogglingly obvious and hardly needed saying in the first place.

I suspect the latter :D .

Either way, here’s a revised look at what yours truly suggested, and what’s come to pass over the past two months.

1. Fix your website

Done, partly. The login problems are now a thing of the past, and it’s definitely a faster and more pleasurable place to visit. That slow-to-load background is still there and the overall site navigation still needs work, but it’s heading in the right direction. Progress, indeed.

2. Release a fixed & revised set of Core Books

Done. The Deluxe set has the errata in place, just as needed. I’d have loved for them to issue an apology over the sheer number of errors in the core and offer to replace everyone’s books for free, but (just like the next point), that was never going to happen in reality. We can but dream though, eh?

3. DDI

Wizards’ are still going down the DDI path without a paddle, so I hope they’ve got a damned good map. Wizards’ believe they can pull it off without serious third party support, and the folks who’ve seen the demos believe them. Me, I’m more of a wait and see guy. So I’m going to wait and see.

4. Publish books

Done. We have special edition D&D Core Rules, and I seriously hope that next year they release softcover editions to attract a second wave of players to the game. Softcover PHBs make perfect gifts, backup copies or for folks to buy and toss around the gaming table. Lower price point means more sales! Economics 101.

5. Define your subscription model

Done. They defined it; they’ve stuck to it and kudos to them. Dungeon and Dragon magazines back in print was just a pipe dream of mine, but the $5/month subscription model is in, and it’s a good place to be.

6. Issue PDFs with your books

Not done. Sometime soon, a game company will take the initiative and offer books and PDFs bundled together for a price marginally higher than the book alone. If Wizards’ don’t do it, someone else will.

7. Embrace the facebook community

Tiny Adventures. Brilliant. ‘Nuff said.

8. Change the demographics

Almost done. The D&D Starter Set could have been the entry into the younger demographic that this hobby will so desperately need if it’s to survive another 2 decades. Am I exaggerating? I’ll tell you in 20 years’ time :D Not having character generation in the Starter Set is a completely dropped ball; that’s an integral, fun and unique part of the whole game. Kids love creating things – take that out and they might as well be back playing computer games……….

9. Boxed Minis

Done. We’re going to get boxed collections of themed minis all right alongside the random booster packs that Wizards’ know and love but we dislike. So I guess that means everyone is happy :D .

10. Reposition the D&D Minis game

As of today, done. The miniatures game takes that step closer to supporting the core D&D game by actually giving players what they want – choice. Well done Wizards’ for making this move!

11. OGL Fourth Edition

Seriously? Nah. Heck, we don’t even properly know what the license is anymore. GSL? Update?

That’s about 7 out of 11. Not bad, not bad at all. Here’s to the next two months!

“King Greywulf the First”. Hmmmm…………

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  1. @newbiedms Exactly, and fan tools are almost always better than official ones. So why use (and pay for) the official ones at all? Between Asmor and the Javascript Character Generator, all bases have been pretty much covered for months before Wizards’ promised (but doubtless more polished) releases.

    @Wyatt That would be telling :D .

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