Feck me the new Michael 4 model is good

Yes, that’s a render. Click to view large, then take your jaw off the floor

It’s not often I rave about the more technical side of 3d rendering, so forgive the indulgence just this once.

The wonderful folks over at DAZ 3D have released their latest model, and the image above is him in all his glory. That’s Michael 4, and ain’t he just amazing? That’s with a simple portrait light setup, nothing special, with one of the texture packs. All I’ve done in Photoshop is convert to black and white using settings to emulate Ilford Delta 3200 film (for those of you who care about such things). Total time to render: under 10 minutes, and the whole thing took less than 15 including cracking open Photoshop.

Before Michael 4 there was (surprise, surprise) Michael 3, who is a brilliant, flexible and capable character in his own right. With the right settings in the morph dials and a good texture pack I’m pretty sure I could approximate the image above – but not in 10 frickin’ minutes! Every character model used in Poser, DAZ Studio or whatever usually has a load of morphs (either built-in, or addable) which mean the one model can be used to create hundreds (if not thousands) of different combinations of size, age, weight and shape. Add in a wide variety of texture packs and it’s possible to use the same model repeatedly and create a different character every time.

Each model has it’s own style. For example, the current female “standard” is Victoria 4. She’s designed to be more realistic than the previous Vicky 3 who had (and still has – she’s still very widely used) more supermodel style proportions by default. Aiko 3 and 4 are (unsurprisingly, given the name) inspired by manga and anime. For the male characters we had Michael 3, David 3 (a younger model) and Hiro 3 (Aiko 3’s manga counterpart).

Michael 4 completes the line-up, and gives us a model easily the equal to Victoria 4. Add in the morphs and you’ve got a character who can be anything from skinny to obese, from young to ancient – and this time they’ve even included the elf-ear morphs in the base morph package too. That’s something they omitted from the Victoria 4 morph pack, the silly peeps. Add in the fact that he’s got probably the best aging morphs I’ve ever seen on any character, and it looks like this one’s going to be a winner.

Expect more pics. Lots more pics.

Me, happy.

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  1. I like the DAZ stuff for quickly throwing 3d objects together, plus it is free. Lately I tried out Z-Brush which makes morphing and shaping 3D objects real easy, but is not so free. My tortoise city templates used in my D&D home game come from DAZ. Neat to know that Michael 4 seems to be useful.

  2. Z-Brush is something I’m tried to use a few times, but modelling isn’t my thing. I use DAZ Studio 99% of the time now, and only very occasionally crack open Poser 6 for the few few things that DAZ doesn’t handle – usually a piece of dynamic clothing. Overall, it’s a superb program that continually surprises me with it’s capabilities, and well worth the price :D .

    And Michael 4…. what can I say? Easily the best model from DAZ to date, and that’s saying something.

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