Character du Jour: Sigird Mordennshaemmer

“Lost he was, right on his first outing to the Great Deep,” the young Dwarf cast a fearful glance across at the rag-clothed Sigird who sat on the floor, cheerfully and messily devouring a whole roast griblik [1. Griblik: Underdark chicken. Tastes like chicken.]. He lowered his voice to a deep whisper. “The clan thought he’d died but up ‘e pops 50 years on. How he survived no one’s sure. I reckon he was raised by Goblins. I mean, look at ‘im…..” Both dwarves shuddered at the thought, while Sigird continued munching, oblivious.

All races have tales of Feral children; kin lost in the wilderness who somehow survive and thrive, becoming part-animal, and barely recognizable as a member of their kind. Sigird Mordennshaemmer is one such child. Lost to the Underdark at an early age, he’s survived through cunning, luck and raw brute savagery. Where most dwarves will fight for hearth, home and clan, these are foreign concepts to Sigird’s untutored mind; he fights for survival and the raw joy of battle.

Dirty little secret: Sigird is the rightful heir to Clan Mordennshaemmer’s Hold though the title passed to his Uncle’s line when he was lost – and that was no accident. His uncle Clandevin Wulfrun Mordennshaemmer is as greedy as any dwarf, but his vice is power and he’ll stop at nothing to hold onto what he’s gained.

Notes: The 4e Barbarian class + Dwarf = battleaxe heaven.

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Sigird Mordennshaemmer, Good (Chaotic) Male Dwarf Barbarian-1
Str 16, Con 16, Dex 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 11

HP 31, bloodied 15, surges 7 x 11/day
AC 14 (Hide), Fort +5, Ref +1, Will +2, Speed 5, Low-light Vision

Athletics +8, Dungeoneering +4, Endurance +10, Nature +7
Language: Common, Dwarven

Battleaxe +5 vs AC 1d10+5; versatile
Howling Strike/at-will +5 vs AC, Recuperating Strike/at-will +5 vs. AC, Rage Strike/at-will +5 vs AC
Swift Charge/enc, Avalanche Strike/enc +5 vs AC
Bloodhunt Rage/day +5 vs AC

+5 vs Poison, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Weapon Proficiencies (Throwing Hammer & Warhammer), Encumbered Speed, Stand Your Ground
AP: Cloth, Leather, Hide; WP:Simple melee, Military melee, Dwarven Weapon Training
Feral Might: Rageblood Vigor, Rampage

4 Comments on “Character du Jour: Sigird Mordennshaemmer”

  1. I want to pronounce that like it’s Icelandic: “MORE-teh-tense-HIGH-mare” (for an approximation).

    The thought of the battle axe makes me all tingly inside.

    That’s a pretty hefty amount of hit points. Wow.

    All around nice concept and character; I like. :)

  2. That’s how I’d pronounce it too :D I try to give each race an racial identity that’s similar to real world ones, for example….

    Northern Dwarves = Icelandic
    Hill Dwarves = Scandinavian
    High Elves (Eladrin) = French
    Tielflings = Ancient Persian
    Dragonborn = Russian


    More on this, another time :D

    Battle axes are tingly things, aren’t they?

  3. Good choices on the High Elves and Tieflings. I personally went with Tuscan Italian for the Eladrin, but I can see French as well.

    As far as the PHB goes, I’m think it was purposeful that the Tieflings had a Greek feel and the Dragonborn had a Persian feel, at least as far as their names go. It’s a good shortcut for the feel of ancient rival empires, at least.

    And yay for it actually being Icelandic. “SIH-yihrt” for his given name then, huh?

    Do you know IPA/(X-)SAMPA? Because that would be more accurate and less fiddly to write out.

  4. Tuscan Italian, eh? I like that a lot; that would probably make Eladrin famous for being superb chefs too (oh for racial stereotyping!). That’s something I could use :D

    And yes, I do know IPA/(X-)SAMPA. Linguistics, dialect and phonetics fascinates me too.

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