Superhero sneak peek

I’ve just put this render together for an upcoming Character du Jour, but I’m so pleased with it I thought I’d give you a quick preview. Meet Angelus, techno-winged, repeater crossbow wielding Iron Age hero. Can anyone say “death from above”?

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Click to enlarge.

Stats for Mutants & Masterminds to follow

3 Comments on “Superhero sneak peek”

  1. @Maestro well, this is an Iron Age character, and no one EVER smiles in that genre :D

    The logo on his shirt says “One Vision”. Pretty appropriate for an Angel, I thought.

  2. Man, every time I hear “death from above” I think of the band by the same name. It’s not entirely bad, I just wish my thought process was a little more free. ;)

    Otherwise, quite badass. It’s a very interesting marriage between skinhead cyberpunk and steampunk.

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