The Most Common Superpower

It had to happen. ChattyDM announces that this month’s Blog Carnival topic is Superheroes in RPGs and someone goes and mentions the Most Common Superpower trope. Never one to pass up an excuse to make a render, I give you….. ummm….. this.

Perhaps Power Girl and Catwoman were involved in a Fly-like Teleport accident (y’know, it could happen!).

In other words, while we’ve been (mostly) offline I’ve created a metric shedload of new renders. Some of those will feature in my upcoming DAZ tutorials, and in a raft of Character du Jour posts that are waiting in the wings.

If you want a sneak peak of the past month or so output (both good and bad), take a look at them all in my shiny new Dropbox Gallery. Dropbox is a stunningly clever piece of magic which seamlessly syncs folders between your computer and the web. That means I can save a new render onto my computer, do nothing else and it’ll automagically appear in that gallery, zero effort required.

And lazy is the new clever. I love it!

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