Elektra Fying

Poor, under used, badly acted and sadly written Elektra Natchios. She’s one of the most hard done to characters in superherodom who always got the worst lines in any comic/movie/hostess advert, and ended her life as an evil shape-changing Skrull. Or not. You never can tell these days.

I really don’t know why writers hated her so much, ‘cos I love her. She’s got the bravado of Dare Devil, the agility of Spiderman and the aggressiveness of Wolverine without all that “having a skeleton made of Adam Ant” silliness. She’s the number one street-level heroine, and that’s a sub-genre where female heroes are extremely low on the ground. There’s Black Widow (latex. Russian accent. Yawn) and Dagger from Cloak and Dagger (yummy!), and that’s pretty much it, folks.

And she uses paired sai as her weapons of choice. How cool is that?

So come on folks, let’s give Elektra some love!

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