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Not a lot of blogtime today, so instead I’m going to tell you what’s coming up Real Soon. By which I mean “whenever Tiscali get their fingers outta their asses”. We should be back online yesterday, today or tomorrow (or two weeks ago) depending on which semi-literate call-centre bod you speak to over there in sunny Bangladesh.

So anyhow, when we’re back online there’ll be posts like this……….

  • Sunless Citadel 4e conversion all done and dusted in a pretty PDF ready to slip into the cover of your adventure and run
  • A stonkin’ DAZ Studio tutorial. Or two. Or three
  • I’m selling off my old and venerable Dragon and Dungeon magazines (1977 vintage and beyond!) for a few dollars each, two or three at a time. Want a piece of history? Watch this space!
  • Lots of loverly Mutants & Masterminds goodness
  • New announcements, translations and downloads over at Microlite20. Oh yeh. The fans have been Very Busy in my absence :D
  • More Kobold Love, Microlite20 (and probably M&M) style
  • and much, much more.

Meantime, a question for y’all.

Do people actually buy these?  Seriously?

‘Cos I could make these in my sleep.

The Devil Dances


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