Character du Jour: Davyd

Some people, they say, are destined for greatness. Their births are accompanied by omens and portents. Choirs of archons are their heralds and prophecies predict their every move. Davyd had none of this. Born to simple shepherdfolk in an isolated valley, Davyd’s life passed uneventfully enough for many years.

Then the armies came.

Clad in their finery they trampled the crops, slaughtered the herds to line their bellies and did little to endear themselves with Davyd. If it takes him being a hero to make them move on, then that’s what he’ll do. For the sake of the land, for the sake of his family, and for the sake of his sheep.

Dirty little secret: None. A hero, through and through.

Notes: Here’s David all ready to knock seven bells out of some Giantish Goliath. The Bible is a great source of role-playing ideas, and has inspired at least one role-playing game along the way. How would the PCs fare against a Kobold Religious Leader ordered by his god to lead his people out of slavery with the net result of hordes of Kobolds swarming across the surface world? What would the players do when faced with a burning bush? Or are present at the sacking of a city like as Jericho? What would your Lawful Good Paladin do if they had to deal with a troublemaker who has been overturning tables in the temples and gaining a mob-like following? If you happen to Believe (with a capital B) (or even if you don’t) it’s a great way to raise questions of morality in your game without being overtly obvious.

That said, I don’t think Jesus Himself would make a very good role-playing character. Turn the other cheek? I don’t think so! :D I guess he’d make a passable 3rd Edition Monk/Paladin with Vow of Poverty and Vow of Pacifism. I’ll leave the stats as an exercise for the reader……………

I’ve made Davyd a Ranger so he gets Nature as a part of his Skill list. Despite the use of the word “Archery” in the flavour text, all of the Ranger’s Powers are fully usable with the Sling too meaning he could do 3d6+3 using Split the Tree and Hunter’s Quarry and a couple of sling stones. Which is nice, even if not exactly giant-killing at 1st level.

DAZ Studio, no postwork. Love the tone on this one. Clickee biggee.

Davyd, Good Male Human Ranger-1
Str 18, Con 12, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 11

HP 24, bloodied 12, surges 6 x 7/day
AC 12 (no armour), Fort 16, Ref 14, Will 12, Squares 6

Dagger: +7 vs AC, 1d4+4, range 5/10, usable off-hand; Thrown: +5 vs AC, 1d4+2
Short sword: +7 vs AC, 1d6+4, Usable Off-hand
Sling: +4 vs AC, 1d6+3, range 10/20, Load free

Careful Attack/at-will (melee) +7 vs AC, Careful Attack/at-will (missile) +4 vs AC, Hit and Run/at-will +7 vs AC, Nimble Strike/at-will +4 vs AC
Two Fanged Strike/enc (melee) +7 vs AC, Two Fanged Strike/enc (ranged) +4 vs AC
Split the Tree/day +4 vs AC

Athletics +9, Endurance +6, Heal +6, Nature +6, Perception +6, Stealth +7
Far shot, Weapon Focus(Sling), Defensive Mobility, Hunter’s Quarry +1d6, Prime Shot

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  1. Oddly enough, we had a highly devout cleric of Pelor by the name of Parazeil with both Vow of Poverty and Vow of Non-Violence in our campaign…not quite Jesus, but about as close as a player could get…

    We managed to still have fun advneturing with this fellow…

    We once brought the light of Pelor to an entire dungeon of monsters…telling them to cast their material goods behind them and embrace the inherent goodness within…although we liquidated said goods, we used the profit to build a church/orphanage/hospital on the site of the dungeon…

    Good times…

    Reverend Mikes last blog post..WANTED: Evil Overlords For Participation In League (Henchmen Need Not Apply)

  2. @Reverend Mike Now, THAT sounds awesome! Love it :D

    @Maestro The renders take anything from a couple of minutes to set up, right up to several hours. The ones I post up on my blog rarely take longer than 30 minutes or so to put together though.

    The length of time they take to actually render varies, depending on the size of the textures and what the light setup is. If I’m rendering with raytraced shadows (usually, but not always – some renders look better without shadows) then the rendertime averages about 15 minutes for the size I work with for blogposts. Without shadows, 3-4 minutes is the norm. DAZ Studio is FAST, in render terms, even on my little no-name laptop.

    I use Blender too (and Poser, and Truespace), and each has a place in my heart. DAZ Studio wins out for the kind of rendering I enjoy though because it’s fast, free, stable, supported by a great community and fun to use. It’s also very new-user friendly, which unfortunately can’t be said for Blender. As it’s a character-based rendered, it handles Poser content natively there’s none of that messy import, scale, texture yourself routine you get with Blender meaning the time it take to go from a blank scene to a finished image is a fraction of the time it would take in Blender to achieve the same results.

    The render of Davyd above, for example, took about 10 minutes to set up, and around 8 to render. Lovely stuff.

    Hope that helps :)

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