She's got the whole elephant in her hands

All together now…..

When you’re working in 3D that scale dial can be your best friend. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adjusting the X, Y or Y scale of a piece of clothing that stubbornly won’t quite fit. It’s also a fun creativity tool where you can play with the scale to do things impossible in “Real Life” ™. Tiny elephant? Done. Superhero giant? It’s yours.

Playing mindgames with scale affects our perceptions; it’s a fun way to make the viewer look twice at an image. I’ll be exploring more of this theme in upcoming renders.

In other news: we should be back with a real, proper internet connection this weekend. Or Wednesday. Maybe. Depending on which crappy, useless and powerless Tiscali Customer Care (Ha! They made a joke) representative you speak to on their overpriced PREMIUM RATE direct phoneline to Balgladesh or wherever.

Tiscali, you suck. Seriously. IF we’re not back soon, we’re gone to ‘nuther ISP, and NOT COMING BACK. What’s more, I’ll post about just how rubbish, crap and useless you are right on my blog so the whole world can see.

Oh, wait. I just did that. Well, I’LL DO IT AGAIN! Ha!

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