Character du Jour: Aegis Flamesoul

Before he became one of the Aegis, he was simply Askhar Benirion, scion of Genasi House Benirion. A lesser son, granted, but nonetheless one whose nature could easily escalate into embarrassment for the noble House of Flame. It didn’t take much to convince him that a life outside his House would be beneficial to all concerned.

Leaving all behind, including his name, Askhar Benirion is now simply known as Aegis Flamesoul, wielder of the Blade and Fire Within. The gods help you if he crosses your path. Y’see, there’s a small problem………..

Aegis Flamesoul wants to do good (really, he does), Things just don’t turn out quite as he’d hope. He’s an accident magnet on an Epic (or should that be Paragon?) scale. That’s not a good trait in someone whose very spirit and Powers are based upon fire. No siree.

Dirty little secret: Insert Very Powerful Fire Elemental Wizard Grand Daddy who has Wicked Plans for Little Genasi Askhar here. That’s the reason why he’s an accident magnet. It’s all a part of the “turning him to Evil” long-term plot. Bwahahahaha. Etc.

Notes: Genasi as Noble Houses. The Swordmage class as wandering do gooding Jedi-types. “Aegis” as a title (like “Brother” or “Padawan”). I feel a campaign sub-plot coming on.

My Genasi are better than yours. Uhu.

Aegis Flamesoul Good Male Firesoul Genasi Swordmage-1
Str 16, Con 13, Dex 11, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 12

HP 28, bloodied 14, surges 7 x 9/day
AC 17 (swordmage warding), Fort 13, Ref 15, Will 13, Squares 6

Longsword: +6 vs AC, 1d8+3, versatile
Aegis of Assault/at-will, Greenflame Blade +7 vs AC/at-will, Sword Burst/at-will +4 vs reflex
Firepulse/enc +5 vs reflex, Flame Cyclone/enc +4 vs reflex
Burning Blade/day +7 vs AC

Arcana +9, Athletics +8, Bluff +6, Diplomacy +6, Endurance +3, Insight +5, Nature +2
Common, Primordial

Skill Training (Bluff), Elemental Origin, Resist 5 fire, Swordbond, Swordmage Warding, Aegis of Assault

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